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Business Torts

Experienced Attorneys Handling Business Torts

By nature, the world of business is competitive. Unfortunately, the high level of competition can bring out the worst in some, especially in tough economic times. Businesses may resort to unfair, fraudulent or unlawful tactics in order to gain or maintain an edge.

If your business has been the victim of a business tort or if a competitor has filed a lawsuit against your company alleging wrongdoing, the lawyers at The Ball Law Firm can help.

Can You Get High-Quality Representation With a Contingent Fee Structure?

At The Ball Law Firm, we believe you can. In fact, we work with you to design a fee structure that makes sense for you. Learn more about our creative fee structure.

What Forms Can Business Torts Take?

Business torts can present themselves in many different forms. Some involve obvious acts of interference, such as theft of another company's intellectual property. Others are more subtle, complex and unique. The one thing all business torts have in common is that they lead to actual monetary damages, including lost profits, statutory damages, and sometimes punitive damages.

With our extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation, we have the skills to navigate through even the most one-of-a-kind tort cases in pursuit of positive results.

A Hands-On Approach to Business Law

When you choose us to represent your business, you can be confident that every step we take will be in the pursuit of a result that makes sense for you. You can be confident because we will take the time to get to know your business and your business goals.

Whether your case involves fraud, misrepresentation, trade secret theft, unfair competition or any other damaging act, or an accusation thereof, our team can help.

Our team represents businesses in Los Angeles, California, and throughout the country.

We Offer Free Consultations. Let's Discuss Your Business Tort Case.

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