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Internet Technology Fraud

Need To Protect Your Internet Technology?

Every day, new technologies are being created for the Internet. These technologies have the power to make businesses stand out from their competition. They have the power to make huge amounts of money, when used appropriately.

New Internet technology is also the focus of many business disputes and fraud cases. The Ball Law Firm is available to handle these disputes. We can serve parties in Los Angeles, California, and throughout the United States.

Can You Get High-Quality Representation at a Reasonable Price?

That's exactly what our law firm offers. We work with you to design a fee structure that makes sense. Learn more about our creative fee structure.

Internet Technology Fraud Is Intellectual Property Fraud

Internet technology is intellectual property. It is something that has been carefully created and there are laws in place to ensure the creation is properly protected. Our attorneys know these laws.

When you turn to us to handle an Internet technology fraud case, we will take great care in navigating our way to the heart of the issue. We will learn what your business goals are. We will design a strategy that is built specifically to meet those goals.

We Can Handle All Intellectual Property Fraud Cases

Our lawyers can handle cases involving new algorithms, user interfaces, e-commerce interfaces, VoIP and much more.

One of the important features of our service is the personal attention we offer in every case. Because of the technology and innovation involved in Internet technology fraud cases, many of these cases are one of a kind. We are able to get to know the cases and develop an approach that is customized to your unique business dispute.

We Offer Free Consultations. Let's Discuss Your Tech Fraud Case.

Call us at 310-980-8039 or send us an e-mail to find out how we can help you obtain results in your Internet technology fraud case.

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