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Unfair Competition

Has Your Business Been the Victim of Unfair Competition?

The first question that needs to be answered is, "What constitutes unfair competition?"

The definition of unfair competition is set forth in California Business and Professional Code Section 17200. However, it is not a science. It is complex. Whether an act constitutes unfair competition or not can depend entirely on the nature of the act and the context in which it takes place. At The Ball Law Firm, LLP, we have the experience to quickly determine whether a business has engaged in unfair competition or not. If they have, we can take action.

Can You Get High-Quality Representation at a Reasonable Price?

Definitely. At The Ball Law Firm, we work with you to design a fee structure that works for you and your business. Learn more about our creative fee structure.

Seeking Compensation for Economic Damages

Unfair competition can cause serious monetary harm. When you choose our business litigation attorneys, you can be confident that we will pursue full compensation for the financial damages you have incurred.

Unfair competition can involve acts that are intended to deliberately confuse the consumer. One example is trademark or trade dress infringement. One business uses a logo or makes a product that looks similar enough to another product that the consumer is confused into buying the imposter product.

Acts of unfair competition can also be made directly against a business. These include the theft of trade secrets and acts of restricting free trade.

No Matter What Type of Unfair Competition You Have Encountered

Our lawyers have the experience to handle even the most unique and complex cases of unfair competition in Los Angeles, California, and throughout the country.

We believe in working closely with you. When you enlist us, you will have an experienced business litigation attorney working on your case. Your case will never be passed down to an unqualified associate. You will get the quality of representation you deserve.

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