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Venture Capital Disputes

Resolving Disputes Over Venture Capital

Venture capital has played a critical role in the creation of countless successful businesses. Every day, new businesses turn to venture capital firms, investors and other parties seeking the financing they need to get started. Of course, these investors take great care to choose the businesses they invest in, expecting a positive return.

All of this hinges on both parties following through on their promises, being straightforward and following the rules of business law. When one party fails, that's where we come in. We are the lawyers of The Ball Law Firm.

Is High-Quality Representation Available at Reasonable Fees?

You will find our fees reasonable because you will help us determine what they will be, based on your case and your needs. Learn more about our creative fee structure.

When Venture Capital Deals Go Wrong, We Will Represent Plaintiffs to Protect Their Rights and Obtain Compensation

We can represent venture capital investors in cases involving material misrepresentation, intent to mislead, finance and equity funding fraud and more.

We can represent businesses in disputes in which venture capital firms have failed to fulfill their contract and provide financing or have wrongfully accused your business of not living up to the terms you agreed to. We can address matters involving failed joint ventures, partnership disputes and more.

No matter what type of venture capital dispute you are involved in, you can be confident that we have the experience to pursue a positive outcome.

We Have Built a Reputation for Results

Over the years, we have successfully handled countless business disputes. Whether a case can be resolved by negotiating a settlement or through litigation, you will find that we will stand strong every step of the way.

In Los Angeles, California, and throughout the United States, businesses turn to us because we are committed to obtaining positive results.

We Offer Free Consultations. Tell Us About Your Financing Dispute.

Call us at 310-980-8039 or send us an e-mail to learn more about how our attorneys can help you resolve a dispute over venture capital financing.

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