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Current Cases of Interest

  • BLF obtains 1.25M for 28-year-old female injured in a trucking accident in San Diego, California resulting in significant personal injuries. (Case Confidential).
  • Currently representing Gregg Davis in a dispute involving the estate of Marvin Davis. (Patricia Davis Raynes v. Gregg Davis, et al, USDC, CASe CV05-6740 ABC).
  • Currently representing family of four in a wrongful death action against a drunk driver whose company vehicle collided into plaintiff's vehicle causing the death of their son. Plaintiff seeks damages in excess of 9.5M. (Erika Chacon, et al, v. The Estate of Richard Hamilton, et al, Superior Court of San Bernardino, Case RCV 100225).
  • Currently representing 23 former law students against the University of La Verne for breach of contract, fraud, and unfair competition, arising out of the school's decision to sell its Woodland Hills campus to the University of West Los Angeles which subsequently lost its accreditation from the California State Bar. (Ahrens, et al v. University of La Verne, Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case BC293186).
  • Currently representing putative class against Countrywide Home Loans for breach of contract, consumer fraud, unfair competition, and violation of the Truth in Lending Act. (Patricia Hamren v. Countrywide, et al, Superior Court of San Mateo, Case 445484).
  • Currently representing putative class in an action for consumer fraud, unfair competition, and breach of contract against Hewlett Packard arising out of defendant's business practices and disclosure policies concerning the promotion, design, and sale of its color and black and white ink cartridges. (Robert Reiff, et al v. Epson America, Inc., Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case BC 293641 and Clifford Obi, et al v. Hewlett Packard Company, Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case BC 329048).
  • Currently representing an American Airlines pilot in a personal injury action involving serious injuries to his cervical spine; wage loss in excess of seven figures. (Wayne Miller v. Massage Place, et al, Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case SC089734).
  • Currently representing an elderly plaintiff-widow in a personal injury/elder abuse action against Southland Care Center. (In RE: Mediation: Delois Lott v. Southland Care Center).
  • Currently representing an injured framer against a crane company, general contractor, and steel company for injuries he sustained when a one-ton steel beam, which was not adequately secured to the frame of a structure, collapsed onto plaintiff's head, shoulder, and arm causing significant personal injuries. (Frank Kessler v. Hanley's Welding Service, et al, Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case MC 016832).
  • Currently representing a minor student for injuries she sustained when a contractor and a public school allowed a jagged piece of metal to protrude from a handicap ramp causing serious and permanent disfigurement to plaintiff. (Lisa Latimer v. Antelope Valley Union High School District, Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case MC 016832).
  • Currently representing man who was the victim of false arrest and assault and battery by the Santa Monica Police Department; incident caught on videotape. (Leopold Laine v. City of Santa Monica, et al, USDC, Case CV 06-4933 PA).
  • Currently representing female who sustained permanent disfigurement and scarring when a local spa misapplied a chemical peel treatment to her face causing permanent injuries. Plaintiff seeks six figures in specials and seven figures in general damages for the permanent disfigurement to plaintiff's face. (Hypes v. Salon Carabella).
  • Currently representing an boy whose arm was amputated in a single-car rollover accident. (Lavy Phan v. Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc., et al Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case KC 0494340).
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