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Verdicts & Settlements

  • BLF obtains 9M for a client in a traumatic brain injury case which resulted in a confidential settlement with a large corporation. Not one deposition was taken. BLF was successful in overcoming defendants' argument that the worker's compensation remedy was the exclusive remedy available to the plaintiff because he was on the job at the time of the accident.

  • BLF obtains 1.4M in an Orange County Superior Court action for the parents of a 9-year-old boy who was ejected from their vehicle when hit by another vehicle. The key issues were proposition 213 as the mother did not have insurance and belt related issues. Case confidential.

  • BLF obtained a significant six figure confidential settlement for a plaintiff in a patent infringement and contract action in Minneapolis, Minn. The case involved two school teachers who were issued a patent for a particular product which targeted very young children. Defendants agreed to finance the project and development and marketing of plaintiff's product in a joint venture agreement. Instead, defendants cut plaintiffs out of the deal and proceeded to develop and market the product for their own personal gain. On the eve pf trial, case settled.

  • BLF resolves a case for 1.28M for a 28-year-old female injured by a truck on the 5 freeway in San Diego, California. The case is confidential but the plaintiff and her family have  structured the settlement in a fashion that will provide for the plaintiff's future healthcare needs and the needs of her young daughter.

  • BLF represented a young iron worker who sustained a serious de-gloving injury to his dominant arm as a result of performing construction work in downtown Los Angeles. The key issue in the case was comparative fault and whether the product at issue was in fact defective for the failure of defendants who placed it in the stream of commerce to issue an adequate warning. The case settled after trial commenced. The settlement was confidential and structured to provide for the plaintiff for all his future medical care needs as well as a provide a stream of income.

  • BLF assisted in the representation of a plaintiff in a whistleblower and qui tam action against a local but confidential entity defendant. The issue in the case involved false submission of claims for payment by the entity to the government which were honored over a period of years. The case resolved close to trial and the fraudulent billing practices which were the subject of the action were accounted for with the appropriate restitution awarded to the aggrieved party. 7 figure settlement.

  • BLF represented a high profile actor in connection with a commercial misappropriation of his image and likeness by a large corporation. The case resolved in the high six figures. The settlement is confidential.

  • BLF sued a large insurance company for improperly denying certain home healthcare benefits to the elderly in contravention of the insurance contract, in bad faith, and in violation of certain statutes. The case resolved for a significant sum before trial. The client now receives full and timely care and is in her mid-nineties. Case confidential.

  • BLF obtains 575,000 for an airlines pilot injured while off duty in a negligence action against a corporation. Case confidential.

  • BLF obtains confidential settlement for a female plaintiff in a products liability action where she was injured in a rollover involving stability and glass safety issues following side impact from another vehicle.

  • BLF obtains confidential settlement for an 18-year-old male in a products liability action who suffered the amputation of his non-dominant arm following a single car rollover accident. Case confidential.

  • Represented the putative case in a high profile national class action against Epson America, Inc. which settlement received final approval in August 2006.

  • Represented a bonding company in a complex construction delay damage trial involving the second construction of an elementary school in downtown Los Angels and obtained a favorable verdict. Lewis Jorge Construction v. American Motorists Insurance Co. O.C.S.C. Case No. 702642 (1 month jury trial)

  • Represented the widow of decedent in a wrongful-death action against a large trucking company resulting in a significant confidential settlement. Liability was challenged; damages sought in excess of seven figures.

  • Represented a woman who sustained neurological damage as a result of traumatic head injuries she sustained when her vehicle was hit head-on by a drunk driver. Confidential six figure settlement.

  • Represented the family of deceased football player in a wrongful-death action against a school, its coaches and trainers alleging negligent hiring, retention, supervision and control. Plaintiff sustained multiple brain and closed head injuries. Case was resolved for a confidential sum.

  • Represented plaintiff in a breach of contract and patent infringement claim where plaintiff sought excess of 17 million in contractual and extra-contractual damages against defendants. Case was resolved for significant confidential sum.

  • Represented plaintiff who sustained brain injury and multiple facial fractures following an accident on a construction site in a products liability and negligence action. (Case confidential.)

  • Represented an elderly plaintiff-class action against an insurance company in a class action case involving causes of action for insurance bad faith, violation of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, violation of Business & Professions Code Section 17200. Confidential settlement.

  • Represented plaintiff who received brain injuries when hit by a drunk driver and obtained settlement in the high six figures. (Case Confidential.)

  • Represented paraplegic in a personal injury action against a drunk driver who crossed the 101 freeway and impacted the plaintiff's vehicle causing permanent paraplegia among other significant injuries. Confidential settlement obtained.

  • Represented victim of forcible rape against the owner of the restaurant where the rape occurred due to negligent security which resulted in highly confidential settlement.

  • Represented a truck driver who sustained permanent injuries to his dominant right foot and leg when he was run over by a forklift while delivering an order to a downtown Los Angeles warehouse. Liability was in dispute, damages sought in excess of six figures. Resulted in a confidential settlement. (Larry E. Tate v. Richline Textile Inc., Superior Court of Los Angeles, Case VC043951).

  • Represented the Orange County Transportation Authority and the Atchison, Topeka, Santa Fe Railroad in a trial involving an acquisition and valuation of real property in Orange County and prevailed. (Southern California Gas Company v. Orange County Transportation Authority O.C.S.C., Case No. 702642). (trial)

  • Represented a large property owner against a high profile supermarket in a lawsuit involving issues of trespass, nuisance, conversion, and unfair business practices in contravention of California Business & Professions Code Section 1720, settled for high six figures prior to trial. (Case confidential.)

  • Represented Amtrak in an eminent domain action in connection with the acquisition of real property located in downtown Los Angeles. (National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) v. Robert Horvath, et al, United States District Court, Case No. 00-00455 WJR (RCX)). (3 week jury trial).

  • Represented two high profile celebrities in confidential cases involving commercial misappropriation of their image and likeness, violation of Civil Code Section 3344, common law invasion of privacy, and unfair competition resulting in significant monetary and non-monetary relief obtained for the clients. (Citations omitted to maintain compliance with settlement.)

  • Represented respondent in a large will contest in a court involving an estate worth several million dollars and prevailed. (In Re: The Frank Burt Kreitman Trust, Judi L. Mitchell, Contestant v. William, petitioner and Respondent, and Gregory Krietman, Respondent L.A.S.C., Case No. BP 061773).

  • In Re: Private Arbitration of Media Distribution Company v. Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, et al (7 week arbitration before retired United States Judge John G. Davies). Represented defendants in a legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty action wherein the plaintiff sought 30 million plus in damages and obtained a defense judgment.

  • Represented Orange County Transportation Authority, a property owner, in an inverse condemnation action against the Southern California Gas Company involving constitutional issues of the right to take private property for public use and just compensation.

  • Represented the plaintiff in a contract and tort dispute through trial concerning land survey and engineering mapping issues and prevailed at trial and on appeal. (Dorsey v. Metrex Corporation, Arthur Tinkle, et al, Riverside Superior Court, Case No. 222508).

  • Represented the plaintiff in a negligence and breach of contract trial and prevailed. (Outzen v. California Supply and Repair, Douglas Singer, et al San Bernardino Superior Court, Case No. RCV19940).

  • Represented a machine shop worker who sued a manufacturer of drilling machines in a products liability for defective design of an emergency kill switch resulting in amputation of dominant arm, case settled for confidential structured 7 figure sum.

  • Represented a freight forwarding company in an international dispute concerning contract and tort issues and obtained favorable result. (East West Consolidators Inc. v. New Cal Freight Forwarders, et al L.A.S.C. Case No BC066042). (1 week jury trial)

  • Represented plaintiff in a premises liability claim against Burger King Restaurants resulting in significant personal injury and general damage to client; obtained a significant settlement. (Chung v. Burger King).

  • Represented plaintiff involving issues of assault and battery resulting in serious personal injuries obtained a significant settlement from a school district. (Case Confidential.)

  • Represented plaintiff in high profile medical malpractice case involving failure to diagnose cancer in her leg resulting in amputation. Obtained confidential settlement.

  • Represented a large developer against City in inverse condemnation, trespass and dangerous condition which settled after trial commenced for confidential sum in significant six figure range.

  • Represented victim of molestation and rape against a school district and an athletic coach in case involving negligent hiring, retention, supervision, assault and battery. Case settled for a confidential amount. (Citation omitted to comply with settlement).

  • Represented iron worker who sued manufacturers of defective construction hoist in products liability alleging design defect and failure to warn resulting in near amputation of dominant arm; case settled for significant seven figures.

  • Represented victim of high-speed, head-on collision resulting in significant personal injury, wage loss, and general damage to client; action resulted in settlement. (Case confidential).

  • Represented commercial pilot against his employer in case involving wrongful termination in contravention of public policy case was resolved for a confidential sum. (Case confidential).

  • Represented a high net worth investor against a large banking institution and its owners in a lawsuit involving claims for fraud, unfair business practices and breach of fiduciary duty. Significant six figure settlement. (Case confidential).

  • Represented defendants in a case involving constitutional issues concerning the power of local government to take private property for public use. (The Southern California Gas Company v The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Corporation, The Orange County Transportation Authority, The Riverside County Transportation Authority O.C.S.C. Case No. 676261).

  • Represented bar patron against bouncer and restaurant owner for assault, battery and negligence resulting in fractures to the eye of the client.

  • Represented multiple clients in cases involving issues of premises liability and dangerous property conditions that resulted in serious personal injury to clients including fractures to lower extremities and significant wages loss. Six to seven figure settlements.

  • Represented numerous real estate developers and general contractors in construction related litigation and real property disputes resulting in settlements ranging from $550,000-$10,500,000.

  • Ujima Village Corporation v. Nolan (Pro Bono-Compton Superior Court) Represented an indigent tenant against a large corporation in a residential lease dispute. Successfully established the implied warranty of habitability which enabled the tenant to remain in her apartment.
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