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What Sets Us Apart | Personal Injury Business Lawyers | Video Transcript

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[GRAPHIC: What sets The Ball Law Firm apart from all other firms?]
BYRON BALL: I think what distinguishes our firm from other prominent law firms in Southern California is that we bring to the table for the client the strengths of a large law firm, but we leave the weaknesses behind.
And what I mean by that is that collectively we have 50 years of trial experience in complex and high profile business disputes, both in state and federal court and we're able to bring aggressive and sophisticated representation to the client and also provide the client with the flexibility associated with a smaller firm in terms of how we structure our fee agreements.
We offer contingency fee rates. We offer some hourly rates in the appropriate case. And then we offer hybrid rates, which are a combination of the two. And we match the client's fee plan to the client's business objectives so that their goals are being met.
[GRAPHIC: The Ball Law Firm (866) 604-7928 www.BALLLawLLP.com]

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