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Why Us | Catastrophic Injury Class Action Lawyers California | Video Transcript

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[GRAPHIC: Why should victims of catastrophic personal injury turn to The Ball Law Firm?]
BYRON BALL: Our firm's catastrophic injury and consumer class action practice has excelled. Our results pretty much speak for themselves. We've resolved cases from $9 to $900 million and I believe we will continue to put an excellent work product into the community.
I think where we also excel is that from day one, when a client come into the office, they're usually coming to us in a time of tremendous crisis, traumatic brain injury, a death in the family, and I think what we excel at is in counseling these clients from day one through trial on how to make the wisest decision for their case and deal with what they're going through in an otherwise difficult time.
[GRAPHIC: The Ball Law Firm (866) 604-7928 www.BALLLawLLP.com]

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