Experienced Attorneys, Results-Based Fee Model
When choosing a law firm to handle a business litigation case, one of the top concerns is cost. After all, you're only pursuing legal action in order to obtain compensation for a financial loss. You certainly don't want to spend more on your lawyer than what you're going to recover.
High-Quality Representation, Reasonable Fees: Impossible?
Many people believe that the only place to obtain a high-quality attorney to handle business litigation is at one of the big law firms in Los Angeles, California, or other large cities throughout the United States. We disagree. We know this because we gained our experience at large law firms. These law firms often use fee structures that simply don't make sense. We know. We've seen it. Attorneys at The Ball Law Firm, have worked with these large law firms. We've seen how they set up fees on an hourly basis and then set their newest associates to work on those cases. We know there is often a more sensible fee structure.
The Ball Law Firm, Delivers Value
After earning partner positions in large law firms, our lead attorneys broke out and formed The Ball Law Firm. We have the strengths of a large law firm, and we can apply those strengths to every case we handle. We do not turn cases over to inexperienced associates. Furthermore, because we don't have the overhead of a large law firm, our lawyers can work with you to design a creative fee structure based on your needs. This fee structure may mean handling your case on a contingency basis. 80% of our cases are on a straight contingency basis. It may mean handling your case on a blended contingency and hourly basis, or contingency plus cost. You will work with us to design your fee structure before we start your case. This obviously requires an honest evaluation of your case as we both have an economic interest in winning!
We Will Take Ownership of Your Case
Oftentimes, when a law firm bills hourly, they will get the same amount whether they win or lose. They have no reason to truly take ownership of your business litigation case. Since we handle cases on a results-based fee model, the amount we get paid depends on the amount you get paid. In other words, when we take a case, it is in our interest to work as hard and as smart as we possibly can to get you the results you deserve. That is what taking ownership is all about.
We Offer Free Consultations. Let's Discuss Your Fees and Your Case.
Call us at (310) 980-8039 or send us an e-mail to find out more about the creative fee structures we offer in business litigation or breach of contract matters.